Madison Kat

Eight piece funk-soul band Madison Kat, is a band unified by a passion for creating fine music. Having a reputation built around edgy live performance, they thrive on the challenge of delivering an entertaining show each time they perform.

Lead by singer Quin Samin, the Gold Coast based outfit features a 3-piece horn section (trumpet, sax & trombone) and 4-piece rhythm section. Each of the 8 members bring their own musical style to the table, combining to produce a mix of traditional and contemporary funk, rock and soul grooves. With roots in live music, they have a wealth of musical experience having played the vast majority of live music venues in their native South-East Queensland and beyond.

Currently the band is making a push to focus their attention on recording a selection of some of their original material as a side project. Trumpeter Matthew “Matt-arms” Armstrong explains; “Yeah nah it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what genre to class us as because there are so many styles we like dabbling in, we probably prefer it that way anyhow”. With the goal near of releasing a 4-track EP, the boys are motivated to get their new tunes out there and let everybody know what the next phase of the band is about.

It comes as a surprise to most that 2018 is the 50th year of Madison Kat. First established as a 4-piece way back in 1968, they have a continued a rich musical legacy to date. Founded by original members Errol and Ben Samin, Michael Sinclair and Keith MacPherson they have ridden the ups and downs of the industry continuing on to become a musical institution.

The new generation having grown up around the music of the band they now members of, are continuing a strong musical tradition that has forged through generations of fads and fashions.

As they have always endeavoured, Madison Kat work hard not to be pigeon-holed in the “cover band” genre. They are conscious of regularly freshening their extensive cover-track repertoire, manipulating each song with their own musical arrangements. They walk a tightrope balancing obscure and alternative styles with classic favourites. This philosophy lifts them above mediocrity, and including their own original material into the set assures further diversification.

Sharing the night with the audience is what these swashbucklers are renowned for. Their visual energy and crowd involvement is entertaining, that which is evident in the crowd response at live shows, and their loyal fan base. They are a down-to-earth group of guys each with individual personality and no one player taking the spotlight.

Madison Kat front time and time again, with the proof at the end of an enjoyable night!

Madison Kat