Magic Carpet Ride

From supporting many of Australia’s best known performers…to major corporate events and shows, MAGIC CARPET RIDE is the perfect choice for a memorable and rockin’ event!
You may remember Stu Campbell from series one of ‘Australian Idol’ (2003).
His big voice and personality helped him get all the way to the Sydney Opera
House where he belted out ‘Hard to Handle’ for a TV audience of 3 million.
Stu’s voice was built for rock…blues…and soul.

Female vocalist Kate White has a voice to die for. Pink…Stevie Nicks…Adele…Tina Turner…the list goes on. Kate’s vocal range and style adds another exciting element to the band’s huge set-list.

The amazingly talented Stuart Tilsley on keys gives the group the ability to cover some of the biggest and best songs of all time.

Drummer – Matt White – is truly the backbone of the group. He and Stuart Tilsley have played together for the last 20 years, after forming a band together at High School. Even though he’s a drummer…Matt is a true musician in every sense!

The thump, slap and pluck of musical madman Mick Baldry is enough alone to get any crowd excited! Mick pumps out bad-ass bass-lines that’ll keep you rockin’ all night!

Danielle Campbell fills out the MCR sound with sweet backing vocals.

Dedicated, experienced ‘axe-men’ Shaun Cowley and John Allard have been playing guitar alongside well known artists for longer than either of them can remember! Shaun & John together on stage are a force to be reckoned with!

Stu Campbell & Stu Tilsley wanted to call the band ‘Big Stu and the Stuey-Stu-Stu’s. The other guys didn’t seem so keen. So they took a name from the words of an enthusiastic audience member at a Gold Coast event.
“This is like a journey through the soundtrack of my life…like a magic carpet ride or sumfin…wooo hoooo…this band is greaaaaaat..