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House Policy

The Southport RSL Memorial Club Inc. will provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for community members to meet and socialise in a responsible environment.

 Responsible Service of Alcohol:

  • All front of house staff will be trained in RSA
  • A register and copy of Statements of Attainments By Staff are kept by management
  • Management constantly reinforce RSA principals and practices in every day trade
  • Management support staff who practice and enforce RSA learning


  • Minors will not be served alcohol
  • Individuals procuring drinks for minors will be removed from the premises
  • All patrons are required to provide acceptable evidence of age where there is any doubt they are under 25 years of age
  • All staff are trained in what constitutes acceptable evidence of age under the Liquor Act 1992
  • Management support staff who practice and enforce ID checking

Unduly Intoxicated & Disorderly Patrons:

  • All staff are trained in identifying signs of undue intoxication
  • Unduly intoxicated patrons will not be served
  • Management support staff who do not serve unduly intoxicated patrons
  • Unduly intoxicated patrons will be asked to leave the premises
  • A taxi can be called for unduly intoxicated patrons, to take them home safely
  • All staff actively monitor levels of undue intoxication of all patrons
  • Management do not support drinking practices which foster a culture of binge drinking or encourage irresponsible consumption practices
  • Management seeks to meet its duty of care obligations to all patrons
  • Jugs of spirits or shots of spirits/liquors will not be permitted by SRSL staff


  • All crowd controllers will wear ID as required by the Security Providers Act 1993
  • Management only employs crowd controllers licensed under Security Provider Act 1993
  • A register and copy of current licences of crowd controllers are kept by management
  • All crowd controllers are trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
  • A register and copy of Statements of Attainments for RSA are kept by management
  • Crowd controllers will ask unduly intoxicated patrons to leave the premises if required
  • Crowd controllers will organise taxis for unduly intoxicated patrons to go home safely
  • All crowd controllers act respectfully towards patrons at all times
  • Crowd controllers do not use excessive force in removing patrons
  • CCTV is operational at entries and exits on the premises and throughout the club
  • Crowd controllers will regularly monitor inside and outside the premise including carpark

Staff Training:

  • Management encourage staff to be trained efficiently and effectively for their job
  • All staff have signed off and agree to work according to this published House Policy
  • A register is kept to ensure all staff have read and understood the House Policy
  • Regular staff meetings are held to ensure staff are kept informed of changes in the industry
  • Records are kept of all meetings attended by staff
  • Southport RSL at all times will provide adequate staff to service needs of patrons


  • Free liquor and multiple quantities of liquor are not promoted off the premises
  • Management do not heavily discount or offer free alcohol to encourage drinking for drinking’s sake
  • Management do not promote activities that encourage harassment of patrons or staff
  • Management will promote the amenities of the venue
  • We strive to provide patrons with a relaxing, entertaining and enjoyable evening which encourages their patronage
  • Management and staff are here to ensure patrons have a good time, one which they remember, and are pleased to return to have again

Responsible Hospitality Practices:

  • We provide water free for patrons and bottle of water at a reasonable price to all patrons
  • We sell light or mid-strength options at cheaper prices than full strength
  • We will actively promote awareness of drink spiking issues
  • We encourage you to monitor and control your consumption of liquor
  • We will deter you from rapidly and excessively consuming liquor
  • We will supply liquor in standardized quantities that can be recognized by you
  • We will serve half measures of spirits if requested

Noise and Amenity:

  • We respect our neighbours and ask you to respect them too
  • We monitor entertainment and patron noise to comply with all prescribed noise levels
  • We scrutinize behaviour in and around the vicinity of the premises
  • We maintain an incident register recording all incident on or around the premises
  • We have provided appropriate lighting around the venue for patrons comfort and safety
  • We have a fire safety plan which is maintained and reviewed on a regular basis

Consultation with the Community and Key Stakeholder Groups:

  • Management regularly attend local licensee forums and meetings
  • Management actively participate in community events and forums
  • We pride ourselves on being a responsible community citizen in the local business community

Compliance with Laws:

  • We comply with all mandatory laws including-

-Liquor Act 1992

-Gaming Machine Act 1991

-Anti-Discrimination Act 1991

-Tobacco and other smoking products Act 1998

-Trade Measurements Act 1990

-Security Providers Act 1993

-Workplace Health & Safety Act 1995

-Industrial Relations Act 1999

-Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003

-Food Act 1981

-Fire & Rescue Service Act 1990

-Local by-laws outlined by Local Government

RSL Club Southport strive to comply with all laws which enable us to engage in good business practices and provide a venue that is safe and enjoyable to all patrons.